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merch_id: 5

Company Name:
Street Address 1:
Street Address 2:

Batch flag:
Cust Service Flag:
Default Bank Route Grp:
Recur Reset Pct:
Recur Freq Type ID:
Severity Grp:
ACH Collection Flag:
ACH Collection Merch ID:
Account Neg Access Flag:
Reply Email:
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Reserve Pct: %
Sale Txn Fee:
Sale Txn Pct: %
Sale Txn Threshold:

Credit Txn Fee:
Credit Txn Pct: %
Credit Txn Threshold:
Scrub Txn Fee: %
Scrub Txn Pct:
Scrub Txn Threshold:
Checkgateway Fee: %

Notes: 01/01/2008 TMIRZA: Added this merchant, they have a low cb rate, med volume. 02/01/2008 TMIRZA: Increased checkgateway fee to 0.20/txn

Fee Report Download PDF Invoice 03/01/2008
Fee Report Download PDF Invoice 03/15/2008